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Himalaya Creations is a versatile creative agency specializing in film production, 2D & 3D animation, graphic design, audio production, and digital marketing. We excel in bringing your ideas to life through captivating films, dynamic animations, compelling visuals, immersive audio experiences, and effective digital strategies. Whatever your creative or marketing needs, count on us to elevate your concepts with expertise and innovation.

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Looking for exclusive creative services?

Explore our exclusive creative services designed to enhance your brand's visual identity and storytelling. From dynamic film production and captivating animation to impactful graphic design, we offer tailored solutions that elevate your creative projects to new heights.


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Film Production

Let our skilled filmmakers capture and tell your stories with precision and creativity. From documentaries to commercials, we ensure every project shines.

2D & 3D Animation

Transform your ideas into captivating visuals with our advanced animation techniques. Whether it’s lively 2D characters or intricate 3D models, we bring imagination to life.

Graphic Design

Make a lasting impression with our custom-designed visuals. From logos to promotional materials, our designs are crafted to resonate with your audience and enhance your brand identity.

Audio Production

Elevate your projects with immersive soundscapes and professional audio effects. Our audio production services ensure every sound enhances the impact of your content.

Digital Marketing

Expand your reach and engagement online with our strategic digital marketing services. From social media campaigns to SEO strategies, we help you achieve your digital goals effectively.

Creative Solutions

Receive personalized services tailored to your unique needs. From initial concept to final execution, we collaborate closely to deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.

Why should you choose Himalaya Creations for your creative projects?

Himalaya Creations stands out as the ideal partner for your creative needs due to our commitment to excellence, innovative approach, extensive expertise, and client-focused philosophy.

Expertise Across Diverse Services

Proven Track Record

Customized Solutions

Commitment to Quality

Creative Innovation

Client-Centric Approach

How Himalaya Creations Stands Out in the Creative Industry

Himalaya Creations distinguishes itself in the creative industry with a blend of innovative techniques, diverse expertise, and a strong client-focused approach. Unlike others, we leverage cutting-edge technologies across film production, animation, graphic design, audio production, and digital marketing to deliver impactful solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Our commitment to collaboration, transparency, and exceeding expectations ensures that every project not only meets but surpasses standards, solidifying our reputation for excellence and client satisfaction.

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“We were impressed with the skill, creativity and improvisation they utilised to collect the required footage, and we were left with no doubt that their staff truly does embody the best talent in Jaffna!”

- Robert Antony Caleesious -
Country Director
ZOA (Relief, Hope, Recovery)

“We are very much sure both their working ethic and the quality of videos match the international standard. We are fully satisfied with the work done by Himalaya Creations (Pvt) Ltd, and would like to recommend them as a brilliant film maker.”

- Fumi Ito -
Project Coordinator
PARC Interpeoples’ Cooperation

“The outstanding contributions given by Himalaya Creations shows the commitment and passion towards the work in which they are involved. The top management of the CEB really admired with Himalayas’ work dedication and their excellent team spirit.”

- Mr. Ketheeswaran -
- Mr. Ketheeswaran
Ceylon Electricity Board

“The team of Himalaya Creations has impressed our Management immensely and we deem ourselves honored to have had Himalaya as documentary filmmakers. We admire the attitude, dedication, involvement and hard work they expressed.”

- S. Rajhkumar -
Managing Director
Harikanan (PVT) LTD

“Their dedication to and intimacy with the subjects shines through in this film and the staff at Himalaya’s is knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. I’m happy to recommend the services of Himalaya Creations.”

- Dr (Mrs) J. Ganeshamoorthy -
Hon. Chairperson
Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation

Their experience and understanding of community setting, impact of projects, identifying and documenting success stories can be the additional eligibility to work for any service organizations and NGOs. They took additional efforts and interests to deliver the final production on time.”

- T. Thirumayuran -
Executive Chairman
Centre for Children’s Happiness

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  • Documentary Film
  • Corporate Film
  • Awareness Film
  • TV Commercial
  • Product Video
  • Others


  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Awareness Film
  • TV Commercial
  • Education Videos
  • Others


  • Packate Design
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Social Media
  • Illustration
  • Others


  • SEO
  • Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marteting
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Others

Himalaya Creations is agency, for business & development since 2012 based in Jaffna

At Himalaya we care about every detail, our goal to make our clients satisfied with their projects.


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What services does HC offer?

We offer film production, 2D & 3D animation, graphic design, audio production, and digital marketing services.

How does HC ensure quality?

We use advanced techniques and a meticulous process to deliver high-quality, impactful projects tailored to our clients' needs.

What makes HC unique?

Our diverse expertise, innovative use of technology, and client-focused approach set us apart in the industry

How do I start a project with HC?

Contact us to discuss your project needs. We will collaborate closely to provide a tailored proposal that meets your objectives.

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